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A fun game full of puzzles, enigmas, and riddles to solve offline. 

 In this unique and interesting puzzles adventure game point and click, you will have to solve the riddles proposed in 6 unique and different stories. These adorable kittens are PIGGY, ROCKY, SLEEPY, MILLI, CRANKY, and CRAZZY. Use all your wits to find out how to make the kittens happy and at the end resolve the mysterious fate of the craziest cat of the world! You will not believe your eyes of the unexpected end of this game.

Even though you’ll need to use all of your brain cells to make happy the kittens and resolve and complete this game full of puzzles. You will not be frustrated by unresolvable riddles with this puzzle and adventure game offline. 

With this puzzles adventures game, play with several kittens heroes whose character ranges go from the sweetest one to the madness one who knows no bounds ... I mean does a normal kitten believes that his own brother has turned into potatoes chips?

The riddles will never become brain-twisters issues thanks to clues strewn in the game as well as the interactive help. Even though you are stuck and not able to find the solution of a complex puzzle, we are always present to answer all your questions very quickly and we have many walkthroughs videos of the kitties' adventure. Never got again frustrated with a puzzle adventure game, play our point and click puzzle adventure game!

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The story begins with 6 kittens who live happily in their home: a cardboard box placed near a pig paddock. Misfortune falls on them, a human takes with him the box and 4 kittens. Only 2 kittens stay by the wayside: CRAZZY, a crazy cat playing in a molehill and Piggy, a cat that looks like a pig and loves to eat.

Your role is to help these 6 kittens to find happiness by resolving the riddles that lie in their path and enhance their dreams so they can flourish in their new life.




The puzzles game Cats in the box adventures is now available in English and French. 


For any feedback or support questions please do not hesitate to contact us at amlcreation.adventuregames@gmail.com

• MOST • 

Unique heroes, with their own characters, fun and cool.

Well thought out and really fun puzzles.

Fun and non-violent.

Colorful, unique, and entertaining.

Play 6 different stories. Play with cats heroes, and explore multitudes of landscapes. Interact with objects and characters and more.

Cute graphics with endearing kittens characters.

Without advertising.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Cats in the box - Linux 64 87 MB
Cats in the box - Mac OSX 80 MB
Cats in the box - Windows 64 120 MB

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